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Our Solution :
We think different

  • Reduce long implementation times (initial and new subsidiary loads)
  • Current solutions in the market lack focus on this issue or are too narrow
  • Regulatory market intelligence makes it a challenging job for treasury.
  • Multiple variables make it tough to do netting manually – those who do it manually have bout 50% coverage.

3 Reasons for you to book a demo with us

We are at the cusp of next revolution of technology, where web3 will help build a better inter connected world .
Web3 also has words like Defi – to most web3 practitioners the word Defi meand Defy, we make web3 a responsible finance tool for you.

User Experience

In 2022’s, UX of 1995 for Businesses is unacceptable. The solution we develop should not require training. What we build should generate value at every step for our users.

User Experience

Our focus areas are distributed, decentralized remote and immersive experience on every device.

Security and Trust

Web 3 is not w3 , its not wild wild west. 
Defi is not Defy. 
Bring best of technology to deliver value not risks.

Security and Trust

It is money-take no risks. We are a FinTech, our DNA is the technology and responsible finance. We are rebels not reckless. We want to change the systems and technologies from the1990s, not the governance that keeps us safe..


We value your input. Both financially and in practice. We have built the community around you to provide us direct feedback.


Our only goal Demystify Defi. Bring best of decentralization to you. 


Blockchain-based transaction ledger

Secure yet Private.

Blockchain solutions create trust and credibility with regulator and auditors

A single source of truth for regulatory compliance and reporting. Blockchain to provide transparency, immutability and resilience to cyber security threats.

Dashboards & Analytics

A smart Dashboard solution that allows, look back, what if and other scenario analysis. An aid to managing netting parameter for regulatory compliance but aligned with long term business strategy.

Parameter Driven​

Machine identifies parameter values based on data, suggests them and allows users to manage the change. These parameter drives the system on almost autonomous mode. All anomalies are reported to users for validation/approvala

Auditor and Regulatory compliant​

A cross border money movement should always comply with regulatory standards. We will allow authorized auditors to review and approve the Netting process and outputs and we will take every step to keep i regulatory complaint.

Our journey to NEO

Apr 2022Ideation
Jun 2022Early Prototype developed
Nov 2022MVP ready for customer test drive
Mar 2023Regulatory Sandbox

New York | Mumbai | Bengaluru | London (coming soon )

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