NEO : Netting Efficiency Optimizer

Key Features​

In our experience working with 100s of multinationals across the globe, we have learned one thing, we are all different yet we are all the same. Corporates, treasuries, and technologies are no exceptions.

Regulatory Compliance built in

Regulatory compliance is in our DNA as in yours, we harnesses wisdom of crowd learning.

Regulation is in our DNA

We respect boundries and truely respect of law of the land.

Secured Like Fort Knox

Bank level security delivered by blockchain (probably the first real use of blockchain ) delivering value to businesses at scale


By deploying web technologies, we bring latest of Cryptography to make data impossible to read by others.

Easy to Grow, Easy to use, Easy to Join

Cloud based, Plug and Play solution and Quick Onboarding through our ERP connectors.

It Scales with you


Unparalleled User Experience

We will make complex seem easy. You just sit back and we'll handle everything.

Unparalleled User Experience


Our Solution

  • Reduce long implementation times (initial and new subsidiary loads)
  • Current solutions in the market lack focus on this issue or are too narrow
  • Regulatory market intelligence makes it a challenging job for treasury.
  • Multiple variables make it tough to do netting manually – those who do it manually have bout 50% coverage.

Basic Pack

Great For Small Business
$ Free Free
Strategy And Planning
24/7 Support Available
Home Consulting System

Pro Pack

Great For Big Business
$ Free Free
Strategy And Planning
24/7 Support Available
Home Consulting System

Pricing Plan

As we develop the product, we are looking for enthusiastic customers like you to help us build a regulatory complaint web3 product. 
While the offer will not last, your impact will last a generation. 

What Our Customers will say ...

Building Trust and delivering value at every step.

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